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Birdy is a personality matching app, built to revolutionize dating.

It is a movement towards more humanity, respect, mindfulness, awareness, kindness, acceptance, happiness, self growth, and most importantly, towards more love.

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We all know that relationships can be hard. They are filled with misunderstandings, hurt feelings, suppressed emotions, irrational behavior, and fights.

“No matter how hard I try, sometimes it just feels like we don’t speak the same language.”  Sounds familiar?

It doesn’t have to! This feeling could be easily avoided if we just understood each other, and ourselves, better. How can we love someone else, or accept their love for us, if we don’t love ourselves.

We know that you are unique and that there are many levels to your personality. The test we have designed focuses on important parts of the whole. It will tell us how you perceive the world around you, and how you make decisions. Which has a strong impact on how you communicate with others.

Among the 16 different personalities of the test, there is one type that complements and balances yours the most. This “Perfect Match” is similar enough to make communication effortless and natural, but different enough to help you grow and keep it interesting. The purpose of Birdy is to provide you with a place where you can find these Perfect Matches !

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Personality Types


Years old theory


of Fortune 100 companies trust the theory

How it works

01 Discover your personality type

We would think most people already know who they are. But bare with us. After you take the test and you read the description of your personality type, you will know what we mean. You will recognize yourself in all the little things. Things that you know are true, but never realized. It is very eye opening and helps you to better understand your own actions.

02 Receive only compatible matches

That means that all the people you will be matched with have a personality that complements and balances yours. They will be similar enough to make communication effortless and natural, but different enough to help you grow and keep it interesting.

03 Get to know your matches' personality first, without pictures

It is very important for us at Birdy to focus on personality above everything else. We want you to read the book before you judge the cover. But don’t worry, you’ll still get to see your matches pictures, you just have to be a little patient and get to know them first.

04 If you mutually liked your personality stories, pictures are released immediately and you can start to chat !

Only you decide who gets to see your picture. Every Birdy user creates a story, with unique questions that draw out their personality. You will see the stories of all your matches and can decide who you would like to connect with further and exchange pictures with. Only if both users select each others stories will the pictures be released. So you don’t have to worry about getting spammed from people whose personalities you don’t like. And you have all the control over who gets to see your picture.

The Theory

Because each one of us is unique, we have different needs in terms of understanding and communication.

Especially in close relationships it is important to understand the others form of communication in order to avoid constant misunderstandings. It’s happened to all of us, we say something that makes complete sense to us, and then a huge argument breaks out because the other person “heard” something completely different.

Thankfully, 92 years ago Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, discovered a powerful pattern. He was able to classify these communication preferences. They are still used today, all over the world, through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI for short. Ever heard of it?

Understand the Theory

We Are On A Mission

Changing the way people see themselves and others.