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Try to put yourself back into the mindset you had when you were 13 years old.

To be as accurate as possible we need to determine your natural preferences, before you adapted to society.

Try to proceed with elimination – which answer option is less accurate

Even if the answer is not entirely correct, choose the one that is closest to the truth.

Answer as your personal self, not your school or work self.

Keep in mind how you act and feel with family and friends.

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  1. When you are stressed about a situation,
  2. In your daily life,
  3. When you take a decision
  4. When you are on a trip, you generally prefer
  5. As a teenager, you considered yourself rather
  6. When you were a teenager, when you had an idea in mind
  7. Before you make a decision
  8. Outside of school or work, your relatives and your friends could say that
  9. You are more comfortable
  10. Generally,
  11. Do you enjoy more
  12. Following a program is something
  13. After spending a lot of time with people,

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